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Dawi Karaz, the mountain dwarves, are sworn to defeating the orc invaders that threaten the lands of the humans, gnomes, and dwarves.  We will not stop fighting until the orcs are driven from our world and back to the vile pit that spawned them.

Dawi Karaz is an informal roleplay guild.  The extent of our enforced roleplaying is to speak dwarvish and speak it out loud (in /say) as much as reasonably possible.  Aside from that we have few rules other than the rules set forth by Blizzard.  We won't tolerate abusive behavior, including language and we won't tolerate immature behavior.  Our dwarves are to always treat others in a way that will bring respect to themselves and to the guild.


For those who wish to play dwarves in this community, here are the guidelines that you must follow:

  1. You must have a suitably dwarvish name.  Names like "MasterKiller" or "Iroxju" will not be considered for membership.  Look over the language lexicon and the members list for examples of suitable dwarven names.

  2. We try to speak in dwarven as much as possible, it adds a lot of flavor to the dwarven characters.  If there are more than one dawi in a group, one will be the interpreter for the non-dwarves.  The rest will speak dwarven.   Using the language lexicon is just fun.

  3. We are not just about roleplaying dwarves, PvP is also a big part of being dawi as is being a good all around player.  To these ends we will share tactics and strategies regularly in order to hone our skills.  Knowing how your team-mate will react in any given situation makes the whole team work better.

  4. Dwarves might be a little greedy about sharing with outsiders (don't have to be, but if you want to roleplay that it is fine) but within the clan they are generous to a fault.  It is expected that if you have something that you cannot use but another dawi can that you offer it to them.  This will make us all better.

  5. No dawi is to hold a grudge against clan-mates who move on to other things.  All of our lives and needs change, you yourself may someday feel you need a clan that provides other things than the dawi and will want the same respect for such a difficult decision.

Some notes about the dwarves:

bulletMany dwarves are smiths. Dwarven armor is known to be some of the best ever created.
bulletMany dwarves are alchemists. Dwarves have a fondness for exploding potions and a large need for healing potions.
bulletA few dwarves are tailors, a few cooks...


Dawi Rank Structure

bulletDalrik = Elder of the Clan, this is the leader of the clan
bulletRik = Lord, these are "sub-chiefs".  The Riks report to the Dalrik.
bulletBoki = General clansman, the name is derived from the dwarven word for miner.  All Bokis report to a Rik.
bulletAlly = These are non-dwarves who live among the dwarves.  All allies report to a Rik sponsor.



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