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This is taken verbatim from Warhammer Armies Dwarf Supplement by Games Workshop.

Agrul Stone carving; lines in face of very old dwarf
Angaz Ironwork
Ankor Domain or realm
Az War axe
Azgal Treasure hoard
Azul Metal of any kind; dependable; a sturdy dwarf
Bar A fortified gateway or door
Barag War machine
Baraz A bond or promise
Boga A candle which blows out unexpectedly plunging the tunnel into darkness
Bok Banging your head on the roof of a low tunnel; characteristic scar on forehead caused by the same
Boki Slang word for Dwarf miners
Bolg Large fat belly. Also a state of extreme wealth, age, and contentment
Bryn Gold which shines strikingly in the sunlight; anything shiny or brilliant
Chuf Piece of very old cheese a Dwarf miner keeps under his hat for emergencies
Dal Old, good
Dammaz A grievance, grudge, or insult to be avenged
Dammaz Kron The Book of Grudges
Dar A challenge or bet
Del Start, begin
Dok Watch, observe, see. Also the eye.
Dongliz The parts of a Dwarf’s body that are impossible for him to scratch
Drakk Dragon
Drek Far, a great distance; great ambition or enterprise
Dreng Slay in combat
Drengi Slayer, one of the cult of Slayers
Drongnei Dragon stew with cave mushrooms marinated in strong ale
Drung To defeat, vanquish
Duk Low, narrow tunnel
Dum Doom or darkness
Durak Hard
Duraz Stone or slab
Dawi Dwarfs
Ekrund A stairway descending beneath the ground
Elgi Elves
Elgram Weak, enfeebled, thin
Elgraz Construction that looks as if it is about to collapse
Frongoi Mushrooms which grow at the back of a cave
Galaz Gold of particular ornamental value
Garaz Fearless, rebellious
Gand Find, discover
Gazan Plains, wasteland
Gibal Fragments of food enmeshed in a Dwarf’s beard
Ginit Small stone which works its way into your boot causing discomfort
Girt Broad tunnel with plenty of headroom
Gnollengrom Respect due to a Dwarf who has a longer and more spectacular beard
Gor Wild beast
Gorak Great cunning, uncanny
Gorl Gold which is especially soft and yellow; the colour yellow
Gorog Ale; high spirits; a drinking binge
Got March or travel quickly and with purpose
Grik Pain in the neck caused by continually stooping in low tunnels
Grim Harsh, unyielding
Grimaz Barren place
Grindal Long flaxen plaits worn by Dwarf maidens
Grint Waste rock or spoil left by miners’ excavations
Grizal Poor meat
Grizdal Ale which has been fermented for at least a century
Grobi Goblins
Grobkaz Goblin work, evil deeds
Grobkul Art of stalking Goblins in caves
Grog Inferior or watered ale; mannish brew
Grom Brave or defiant
Gromdal An ancient artefact
Gromthi Ancestor
Grong Anvil
Gronti Giant
Grumbak A short measure of ale; trivial complaint or grumble
Grumbaki A grumbler or whiner
Grund Hammer
Grung A mine
Grungni Dwarf ancestor, god of mines and smiths
Grungnaz Making or smithying
Grungron A forge
Guz To consume food or drink
Hazkal Ale brewed recently; a fiery young warrior
Hunk Carry heavy rocks or other burden
Ik Putting your hand in something slimy and unpleasant in the darkness
Ikor Poisonous gas commonly found in mines and caves
Irkul Pillared vault hewn in rock
Kadrin Mountain pass
Karag Volcano or barren mountain
Karak Enduring
Karaz Mountain
Kazad Fortress
Kazak War or battle
Khaz An underground hall
Khrum War drum
Kulgur The art of cooking Troll
Klad Armour
Konk Gold which is ruddy in colour; large and bulbous nose
Kron Book, record or history
Krink Bad back due to continual stooping
Krunk Underground rockfall; a disaster!
Kruk A seemingly promising vein of ore which gives out suddenly; an unexpected disappointment; a venture which comes to nothing
Krut A discomforting disease contracted from mountain goats
Kruti A dwarf suffering from Krut; a goatherd; an insult
Kuri Meat stew boiled up by travelling Dwarfs from whatever ingredients are at hand. Traditionally spiced with wild berries
Lok Highly embellished or intricate; praiseworthy
Makaz Weapon or tool
Mingol Tall watchtower built on lowland
Naggrund An area of great upheaval, devastation, or industry
Nogarung Drinking tankard made from the skull of a Troll
Ogri Ogre
Onk Comradely accretion of dirt and grime on company of Dwarfs who have spent many days underground
Ok Cunning of skillful
Okri Craftsman – a common personal name
Orta Give
Ragarin Coarse and uncomfortable clothing made from the hide of a Troll
Rhun Rune, word, or power
Rhunki Runesmith
Rik King or Lord
Rikkit A small stone which falls on your head as you walk down a tunnel
Ril Gold ore which shines brightly in rock
Rinn A Lady Dwarf; king’s consort
Rorkaz Informal shouting contest
Runk A one-sided fight; a sound thrashing
Rutz Slackness of bowels caused by drinking too much ale
Stok A cold meal eaten underground
Strol Walk or travel leisurely
Stromez Stream
Skof A cold meal eaten underground
Skrat To search for gold amongst rock debris or stream bed; scavenge; sparse living
Skree Loose rock on mountain side
Skruff A scrawny beard; an outrageous insult!
Skrund To hew rock; to get stuck in!
Skuf A drunken brawl or skirmish
Slotch The sodden mix of water, mud and pulverised stone found at the bottom of a mineworking
Thag Slay by act of treachery
Thagi Murderous traitor
Thindrongol Secret vault in which ale or treasure is hidden
Thingaz Dense forest
Throng Army; huge assembly of Dwarfs; a clan
Thrund A crossbow
Trogg A feast or heavy drinking bout
Troll Troll
Tromm Beard; respect due to age or experience
Ufdi A Dwarf who is overfond of preening and decorating his beard; a vain Dwarf; a Dwarf who cannot be trusted to fight
Umgi Men
Umgak Shoddy, poorly made
Und A watchpost carved into the mountainside
Ungdrin Ankor Underway, the ancient underground roadway of the Dwarfs
Ungrim A Dwarf who has not yet fulfilled an important oath; an untrustworthy Dwarf
Ungor Cavern
Urbar Trade
Urbaz A trading post or market
Urk Orc or enemy
Uzkul Bones or death
Valdahaz Brewery
Varn Mountain lake
Vongal Raiding band of men
Vorn A farm
Wanaz A disreputable Dwarf with an unkempt beard; and insult
Wattock An unsuccessful Dwarf prospector; a down-at-heel Dwarf; an insult
Wazzok A dwarf who has exchanged gold or some other valuable item for something of little or no worth; a foolish or gullible Dwarf; an insult
Werit A Dwarf who has forgotten where he placed his tankard of ale; a state of befuddlement
Wutroth Wood from ancient mountain oak
Zak An isolated hut in the mountains
Zaki A crazed Dwarf who wanders in the mountains
Zharr Fire
Zhuf Waterfall or rapidly flowing river
Zorn Upland plateau or high meadow


A Of, with, within, to
Af They, you (plural)
Ai Yes
Bin In, on, beside
Ek He, she, it, you (singular)
Gid Want
Gut Have
Nai No
Ok Why, how
Or I, me, myself
Um Them, those, these
Un And
Ut Us, we, ourselves
Wanrag Where
Wanrak When

Dwarven Numerals

Ong One
Tuk Two
Dwe Three
Fut Four
Sak Five
Siz Six
Set Seven
Odro Eight
Nuk Nin
Don Ten
Kantuz One Hundred
Millus One Thousand


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