The Healers Guild of Sosaria [+]
was established to provide the community of Sosaria with healers of known skill and integrity.

Centrally located in the Yew territory (see map in public area), the Healers Guild of Sosaria is positioned to provide aid to the entire Yew community, but we hope that our influence spreads far beyond just Yew.  We enjoy adventure, so if ye are looking for a healer or two to accompany your expedition (I hear they are quite handy in the new lands) then please contact us.  Also contact us if ye are a healer of good repute who wishes to carry the banner of the Healers Guild of Sosaria.  It is mutually beneficial to the healer and to the community to do so.  The community can rest assured that a healer with the badge of [+] is not a thief in disguise waiting to remove their valued posessions, and the healer receives far more opportunity to aid others because of this trust.  Feel free to look around and to post in the message base.   Thank ye for visiting our humble abode.


Need a Healer?

If you are planning a hunt or event where a Healer's skills are needed, please post it to our message board as soon as the location, time, and date are set. The more advance notice we have, the more likely one of us can attend.

Attention Pacific players! Visit the Healers of Britannia web site, the only known Healer's guild on Pacific. It is run by Lissa - you can contact her via their web site.